343 Responds to Microtransactions and Tenrai! BTB 10v10 Update! Halo TV Show Creates Canon!

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Intro – 0:00
Tenrai Event Changes – 1:00
Monetization and Customization – 5:23
Season 2 and 3 Changes – 9:00
Winter Contingency and Halo Show – 12:00

343 Holiday stream recap

343 Responds to Microtransactions and Tenrai! BTB 10v10 Update! Halo TV Show Creates Canon!
In this Halo Infinite news update video we talk about the recent Halo news from the Halo Infinite | Holiday 2021 Community Stream 343 live stream. I this Halo Infinite live stream 343 talks about Halo Infinite progression and Halo Infinite monetization and how they’re improving Halo Infinite Microtransactions. Big Halo Infinite Tenrai event changes with more Halo Infinite customization becoming available in the Tenrai Battle Pass. Halo TV show discussion about the Halo Series not canon and creating the Halo TV show Silver Timeline. New Halo Infinite Winter Contingency event news as well. Also Halo Infinite BTB issues continue with Halo Infinite BTB server issues causingt a Halo Infinite update to make Halo Infinite BTB 10v10 instead Halo Infinite BTB 12v12 that we know. Once a Halo Infinite patch update comes in for Halo Infinite BTB broken servers I’ll update you all on the channel.

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Responses (50)

  1. I really hope they put difficulty armor sets for the campaign like in Halo 3 for easy, normal, heroic, and legendary (I know easy didn't have a set in 3) a piece of armor for finding all skulls and etc. real rewards for campaign players (that paid the price for a full game)

  2. My only worry from the event is that we will only get 10 tenrai event challenges. It should be like 20 so that we can actually make progress to it. It's like 60 levels and we only get 4 tries to get there. It just doesn't add up.

  3. I’m very concerned with the fact that you don’t get ANYTHING for completing the campaign on legendary. I feel like 343 really needs to focus on content unlocks like that.

  4. I think 10v10 would be better for BTB because it'll feel less cluttered, and maybe I won't get double-teamed much in EVERY engagement I'm in in the match. Skill Based Matchmaking also needs a change. I feel like I am always placed against sweats, ruining my experience in this game. I hardly ever have fun

  5. They need to fix the hit registration in this game and I they need to bring collision back I'm sick and tired of someone jumping down on me and my gun is sticking through their body so I can't shoot them

  6. You’re right maybe the halo tv show will be okay not being 100% cannon but at least it’s not totally different and then slapped halo over it lol. I’m abit more excited about it now😌

  7. This is the easiest solution, that I see. People may see other solutions. 343 could implement a credit earning system in that, completing one match gives us a certain amount of credits.

    For example, 100 credits every match, in 20 matches you'll accumulate 2,000 for that major bundle. If they lower it to 50 credits per match, that'll be roughly 40 matches to get to 2,000.

    If they implement a credit earning system, then people cane have the option to either pay for credits, or grind for credits. Either way, they still fulfill their initial promise of, earn rewards by playing the game.

  8. What’s almost the point in source material if you just ignore everything Authors, Bungie, or 343i put out there for Halo universe- then when you finally have your Halo show after almost 7+ years of talking about it- all the sources and stories told prior are problems with retelling the story?

    What exactly makes retelling Halo harder or more difficult when you literally more or less have 7 ‘scripts’ from books or games pertaining around specific timelines for just the 1st Halo? (Among other several points of time of value)

    I’m sure anyone would willingly don Spartan armor and call themselves Samuel or Joshua for some classic mission moments- CG the crap out of the Covenant Halo 2 Anniversary style and stop trying to re-invent the wheel with new designs

    I know for a fact, that even if the show were to be ‘too alike from the game’ that it wouldn’t be an issue at all and every fan or new viewer wouldn’t have any issues rewatching a great story that doesn’t have any flaws.

    It’s great to expand your own universe to tell a story, but at least have a better reason to throw out all your sources

  9. I love the AR. For a Nerf I would like to lower the Rate of Fire slightly then increase recoil/bloom to match the reduced RoF. Basically the same gun at 90-95% speed.
    Then give a 40 round magazine for the MA40 because I never have enough ammo.

  10. The way XP should be given out is the faster a match ends the more XP you are given. That way players are actually trying to win the game and not prolong the game by going after kills only.

  11. I’m just really struggling to find motivation to play multiplayer rn. barely any free to play customization unlocks, no service record, and (what im most bummed about) no commendations or career challenges that would reward xp or exclusive customizations. looking forward to future updates tho, hopefully they make this work for everyone

  12. great feed back from 343 im hoping that they with change amour coatings to be universal as i have the c9 skin but i want to use it with other amours i wasnt aware when i bought it that i could only use it on the base set kinda sucks

  13. It's great to see that 343 is very open and direct to all types of feedback they receive and are acting upon it in the best ways they can. It's also very commendable and respectable to see head developer leads such as Jerry Hook taking accountability when various assets for upcoming in game events and new customization items are not thoroughly looked at before going out thus causing players to misinterpret or get certain items mixed up with what's event only and what's store only. I personally think he didn't have to apologize for that but it's nice that he did and has stated that they're working to improve in those fields so good on him for being a stand up guy on behalf of his team. Not to mention all of the updates and massive improvements coming to the next tenrai event from the improved event challenges and more actual in game content is just fantastic. All of that coupled together with store improvements coming and the improved challenge system which is still gonna receive more improvements over time is just great. All of this news is just good stuff and 343 has done a great job with halo infinite and I'm very confident that the development teams will continue to work hard to make halo infinite all that much better for everyone. Keep up the work 343 dev team.

  14. I don't think people are comprehending just how rare it is to see a developer single himself out and admit to being the root cause of a huge problem. That is huge in the gaming industry and really is a display of how much integrity 343i has.

  15. So they made me pay for a fucken armor set that was supposed to be free!!!

    If you say you didnt have to buy it.
    I thought that it would never comeback

  16. Can we just stop calling for nerfs to the AR? It has a unique role in the sandbox, is still outclassed by precision weapons at range, and people don't immediately switch to their sidearm when spawning with it. I'll always drop it for a power weapon, obviously, but it doesn't feel completely useless when you spawn with it. Maybe just increasing recoil by an almost indistinguishable amount could be tolerable, but it's damage is completely fine. Totally spot on about the Ravager though.

  17. Fair play to 343 for hearing out all the feedback and fixing their fuck ups. This game is young, it’s only going to get better and better throughout the seasons. I’m still having fun flicking between MP and the campaign which is incredible. On the weapon balancing though, keep the assault rifle as is. Flight version of the ravager and make the pulse rifle full auto with less tracking (basically just make it the damn plasma rifle 🤣)

  18. If the AR needs a nerf then the Sidearm pistol needs a huge nerf. People are walking around with that as their main gun and able to rapid fire the trigger to where to AR can’t compare.

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