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9 5 office job or startup? How to quit your job and find motivation to start small business? “I hate my job” or “should I quit my job”? This video will help you to make up your mind about your 9 to 5 office job and your startup business ideas.

StartUp pros
Money. Possibility to earn a lot.
Income is dependent on savvy [сави] not work-time
Motivation. Work on what’s valuable and important for me not my boss or the company
Lots of energy to create
Self actualisation need is fulfilled
Flexibility. I choose projects, format and style of execution.
Choice of people to work with!
Activities are based on my strengths and limitations.
Flexible working time, days off and vacations.

StartUp Cons
Money. Possibility of insufficient income: profits are not guaranteed, might come slowly.
Might get into debt.
Solutions: savings, monitoring of expenses, choose projects when money come soon
Motivation. Need self motivation for unpleasant tasks.
Burnout due to overwork.
Solutions: delegate, awareness and investment in physical and mental health
Flexibility. Procrastination.
Need to self organise time management and take risks.
No fixed work time might result in overwork.
Solutions: attention to motivation and feelings, calendar, work-life balance

9-5 office job pros
Money. Stable income: same amount on the same day. No risk for money loss.
Motivation. Boss to push so tasks are completed and experience earned (the hard way). Management controls performance (lucky if with smart metrics)
Flexibility. Suits well for people who wish to be guided and controlled, to have rules and time structure. Law enforces days off and vacations which might not be taken when self employed.

9-5 office job cons
Money. Stagnant income.
Difficult to increase income: huge efforts result in tiny increases via bonus, new role. Solution: change role, company, location. Get diplomas/certifications, leadership role
Motivation. Need to push yourself doing what is not interesting.
Can’t avoid or delegate boring/unpleasant tasks without changing role/company
Solution: choose the role with the best fit so most time spent on what’s interesting/valuable
Flexibility. Can’t choose people (clients, colleagues) to work with.
9 to 5 mentality: paid for hours not results.
Can’t take more days off or holidays if it’s better for my personality.
Can’t choose projects, format and style of execution.
Solutions: choose a creative company or role. Maybe you do not need flexibility?

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Responses (36)

  1. Even a little business is better than working for someone and spend your time not knowing where, thanks to the author for the beautiful video

  2. I think everyone here would like to earn 100 thousand dollars a month, this is ideal for an ordinary person, but still the main thing is to get a buzz from work, and try to come into harmony with it.

  3. An interesting system of work 9-5. This is the first time I've heard about such a system from you. it was interesting and pleasant to listen to your reasoning on this matter. make videos more often! They really help to understand the issues of entrepreneurship.

  4. for me this kind of work is interesting, but difficult, I didn’t even fully figure out what it is at all, but after your video I completely understood what it was and now I know what to do

  5. just at the crossroads. there are plans to move, and accordingly change jobs, I think where to go, in what field, or even on my own? I'll review it again, I'll think about it… as always, the video is in the subject)

  6. An interesting system of work 9-5. This is the first time I've heard about such a system from you. it was interesting and pleasant to listen to your reasoning on this matter. make videos more often! They really help to understand the issues of entrepreneurship.

  7. I want to do both. I think business is run by smart people. But to get smart people you need money. I will earn well from my job and try to invest in some business with the help of smart people in that field.

  8. Starting your own business in hard working in a sector. Hard work make a man to lead a happy life. This video make me feel positive in my career.

  9. Your 9.5 system is very interesting. Honestly, this is the first time I've heard of her. There is something to think about. It may be really worth thinking about changing jobs, although sometimes it is very difficult to dare to do so.

  10. Up to this point, the 9 5 system was unknown to me, although I heard about it a couple of times. It was very interesting for me to learn about this, and it will certainly be useful for future entrepreneurs to learn about the pros and cons of the system 9 5

  11. A job can be any piece of work that is performed in exchange for an agreed price and similar benefits whereas entrepreneurship is creating new ventures keeping in mind the risks and difficulties and thinking out of the box in order to make a profit.

  12. This is one of my favorite videos! Your channel is full of very good content but the title of this video is actually a frequently question for many and I think many are also changing perspectives to pursue their dreams!!

  13. good video. I prefer to work for myself. And they deal not in payment, but in peace. That is, these are not prejudicial work of radio money, but hobi with a monetary reward. But some are more suited to work in an office for someone.

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