Bugs Bunny DESTROYS Clone Hero (Bug's Bunny Forest 100% FC)

1637638946 maxresdefault.jpg
1637638946 maxresdefault.jpg

We had a 1k dono incentive for me to do this, so here it is! it’s exactly what it sounds like, reached the goal, bought the suit, and proceeded to do this, hope y’all enjoy 😉


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hey! you found zack’s secret comment! if you see this comment “what a shitload of fuck” to show you’ve made it this far :p

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  1. This would have been one of my favorite FC's even without the Bugs Bunny outfit, but here it is in all its beautiful bunny glory

  2. First of all, really really sick FC! That's just incredible and amazing job! Second, when you pulled off the mask, I thought you got a haircut and I got a heart attack, but nah, you just tied up your hair lol

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