Camping At Lake Whitney? How About Plowman Creek or Steel Creek Parks?

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Located on the upper end of Whitney Lake there is a very sweet RV campground that deserves some consideration if you are planning on camping a Lake Whitney.
Plowman Creek Park is a U.S Army Corps Of Engineers campground located on the south shore of Whitney Lake.
Plowman Creek Park is perfect for a weekend of camping at Lake Whitney! With easy access to the clear waters of Whitney Lake and plenty of great campsites you will truly enjoy spending a week end camping at lake Whitney.
In this video I explore Plowman Creek Park and Steel Creek Parks and highlight all of the “stuff” you the RV camper needs to know!
Come along with me as I explore a couple of options for camping at Lake Whitney.
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  1. hea Dude,,,,wondering how your doing the 'reservations' thing lately? All I hear is how 'booked up ' all the camping site's are,,,just wondering if your navigating the 'gov' reservations or just taking your chances and just showing up ?

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