Catch by Vanishing Inc Review

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Responses (39)

  1. Thanks for letting me know it's not for half dollar coins. Looks like alot of fun though. Question Can you add a extra layer using a sleight vanish like a French drop and use catch to show the hand empty? That would be nice concidering if anyone just says it's in the other hand ✋when you go through the usual motions and it isn't. Nest of wallets comes to mind.

  2. Just recently bought Catch and the Raven. And I thought of an awesome way to use both. You can “melt” a coin through your hand. I get my friends and family every time. Love using both

  3. Dont worry everyone makes typ os even me and jay Sankey SankeyMagic sign card thru balloon air tight and air tighter Copperfield dvd of illusions comantary on train vanish in mid air illusion he says plane plane look at me the train vanish

  4. My Catch arrived yesterday. Loving it. Within 5 minutes I was grabbing quarters out of thin air!! I actually like reaching way out and plucking them out as opposed to just going straight across with the arm. Looks so magical!!!! Bought it based on your review Steve!!

  5. hi, i wear my (metal) watch band fairly loose and suspect that could be an issue…? thx and no need to answer if its to much on a public forum

  6. Why does every YT video BEGIN with "please like and subscribe?" Do you rate a restaurant 4 stars before you've eaten your meal? Sorry… pet peeve.

  7. Can you speak to the noise issue? They said on the cafe that they improved it but even your intro it sounds like a crunch. Is it loud in person? Love your reviews 👍

  8. Enjoyed your review. Be interested to know if a wrist rubber band or a wrist strap would suffice instead of a watch? Also started watching your interview with Craig Petty. Was intrigued to find out that you started out as a juggler then shifted towards magic. To mix the two would be fabulous *I mean in general*.

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