Catching GIANT Bass in FLOODED River (Fall Fishing)

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1634225722 maxresdefault.jpg

In this bass fishing video we go river fishing for some giant bass in this flooded river during the fall. Fall fishing is coming up, the fishing recent hasn’t been the best but it should pick up here soon. Do you like river fishing? Have you ever been river fishing in a flooded river? Have you ever been fall fishing in a river? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / fall fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the giant bass fishing videos / flooded river fishing videos. Now lets go catch some giant bass while fall fishing this flooded river!

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  1. Hey man sooooo I think it's AWESOME that u got ur own combo now but that said idk of im speaking for only myself or others too but can u still use other combos as well. Like I said idk of im only speaking for myself or not but I love seeing u using the different lews combos and kinda hearing what ur thinking of em and what not. Again I can't blame u when u have ur own combo lol but still… it would just be cool to see.

  2. Hey Noah my names shane Duckworth from southern Indiana if or when ur ever in this area. My buddy's got a 5 acre lake that's stocked with nothing but gills and some nice bass. Come check it out. Show me a thing or two! Love the channel dawg. Keep it up

  3. Yeah bro go so some striper fishin. I know my dad and I use to dish Kentucky lake when they'd b blowing up on a ball of bait fish when I was a kid. That stiff was fun. Run a spoon. Thru a big school blowing up. That's fun fishin

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