Facing a GL camper – Escape From Tarkov

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  1. @axel_tv do you have textures on low? Or a different setting. I ask because the backpacks in your video look horrible quality. If so, does it offer much performance boost? And have you done a video or screenshots on your video settings including post fx? Can you if not and/or link it? Thanks!

  2. There is someone else in the comments suggesting a total loot value counter at the end of the video/raid. I too think this is a great idea! Hopefully this isn’t too difficult to do. Otherwise, keep up the great work in the channel! Always fun to watch these videos

  3. how do you get better lobby's in labs i just get corner sitters and 5 mans and have no chance like i dont care as mutch if i had monny but i dont cuz of all the rats

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