Finally, after thousands of years.. (episode 3)

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BIO: I have been playing RS (Runescape) for eleven years, and maxed my account as of 09/25/2016. I’m an avid Pvmer (Player Vs Monster) and also enjoy the occasional PvP (Player Vs Player) Session. If you have a guide you want me to make, let me know!
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Responses (38)

  1. Great video, I felt very entertained as always <3
    One question I gotta ask though as I rarely caught any streams lately, what is the Story behind the 30m battle staves? Weren`t they a thing in one of your previous videos already?

  2. I just started making Rs3 Videos, only got 2 up But just wanted to say that you are one of the channels that inspired me to start creating! Also, years abd years ago when eoc was just implemented, you and i use to pk together, i had a video of me killing you idk where it is though 😛

  3. Hey man can you make an updated guide on how to maximise dps with each combat style and how to set up optimal ability bars, I know you had some videos from year ago but I came back to the game after years so just wanted to know if anything has changed. Thanks!

  4. "we're gonna see if my guide sucks" your guide for that necromancer boss is great XD i was able to do that guy on the 2nd attempt after watching your guide, prior to watching it i couldnt get past first big minion guy spawn. 😛 love your videos and i was your guides all the time when learning new bosses!

  5. I noticed you are wearing Legend's Cape & are still using Yanille fairy ring.
    You can right-click 'customize' your Legend's Cape teleport to outside Legend's guild for a fairy ring.

  6. Slightly unrelated, but hella shout outs to the Lost Item Claim team. Literally every time I've lost shit, be it the Login Lockout or me just tp-ing away like a dumbass, they've gotten my shit back in 5 days, tops.

  7. Hey Ryan! I wanted to pop by and say that I am in LOVE with this content. I only noticed the other day that you had a few episodes. So I got the newborn milk-drunk, loaded up YouTube on my TV and haven't moved since!

    I am so glad you're in a position to make content and thrive from it, go you and goodluck going forward!

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