Hairdresser reacts to extreme DIY relaxer fails!

Hairdresser reacts to extreme DIY relaxer fails!
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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some people attempt to do their own relaxers at home… These girls ended up with an absolute mess …

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Hairdresser reacts to extreme DIY relaxer fails!

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  1. I did lol. I have straight/wavy hair naturally blonde. Turned into sphaghetti. Also a pool at a casino did the same thing to me. Even tho all other pools never did this to me

  2. I'm literally crying watching the reaction of the first girl after her hair fell out. 😭😭😭 I feel so bad for her. I wish she could get a free Mondo makeover.

  3. I'm having PTSD from this video lol I honestly feel like I can feel the chemical burns on my scalp again! Picking off the scabs. 😰 relaxing my hair 2-3 times a year for years and years until I was like 13. Just for Kids relaxer then the Olive Oil relaxer lol Oye I bet i have hella scars all over my scalp

  4. I once relaxed my hair a week after bleaching my hair🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣… my hair was severely damaged so I ended up cutting it and I’ve been natural ever since…. Lesson learnt… the hard way

  5. When it says 18 min. The 18 min starts as soon as the first drop of relaxer hits the hair. So you have to work quick. She probably spent 30 min putting it in her hair and then waited 18 min. That’s 3 times as long. I’m surprised “Brad Dumbo” didn’t know this. Smh.

  6. She over processed her hair. The relaxer was either too strong or she left it in tooo long. It’s only suppose to be a little dead hair to shed off. NO T CLUNKS. 😢 I hope she’s able to retreat her hair back to health.

  7. oh my god the gurl at the end is so beautiful, honestly she doesnt need hair she looks stunning i hope she knows that❤️❤️

  8. Oh my goodness girl#1 let’s stick to smoothers when you’re hair is back to good condition, I feel so awful for you. Girl#2 what were you thinking? You weren’t.

  9. Seems as if allowed fails for a supposed monk and or baldhead women simulation with the use of a disaster….Kill forced simulations now…persons trying to get armies through situations of persons, anxiousness was proabably used … Depopulate

  10. I’m just wondering why she relaxing her hair she ain’t got none! And what she did have looked fire 🔥 Plus her hair is coloured! Her hair looked fine!! Good thing is, she looked even better balled

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