Indian Economy | 1947 to 2019

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In this video, I have covered important snippets of Indian Economy from 1947 to 2019. This will help you to understand the Indian Economy and its Development Since Independence in just 20 Minutes.

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Responses (46)

  1. National debt doubled to 2.8 trillion in last 5 years of modi govt.. you dont think debt is important ? India is in worse situation.

  2. Plc tell about Islamic Banking, resources based development,
    Revanu getting project implementation , export focus,
    Drip irrigation system, green house farming, drone development for agriculture,
    Export liberalization acts
    Reduce the interest rate of loan account to the covid

  3. Hindu Rate of growth has nothing to do with Hinduism just as Islamophobia has nothing to do with Islam…. Terror has no religion but slow economic growth does have?

  4. Excellent explanation.. keep it upπŸ‘ waiting to see such valuable video from you… if possible then please make some videos on international trade from basic concepts like this video.

  5. If we look South Korea,. The South Korea total GDP is 22% of samsung company market capitalisation,. Samsung is conglomerate of both public (govt) and private sectors ,. India should look in same model and need company like Samsung as india has large number of electronic/mobile user's

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