Is This The New Best Money Maker On OSRS? (Loot From 100 Nex and First Impressions)

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Responses (46)

  1. Did a bit over 200kc today on mass the loot is pretty good and the supply cost is nonexistent. Ofc getting uniques is where the big money's at.

  2. By the way, it's not worth farming keys for Nex, at least now, like 1 ancient mage whatever they are, kill gives you 5 killcount.

  3. for the difficulty of this boss and the running cost outside of a mass the non rare drops are kind of trash like if you trio this your gonna splash a lot minions have 500 hp each with 200 def nex has 3400 like i cant see this boss covering a lot of the running cost unless you hit a big drop

  4. If you're only standing there and bolting instead of actually helping with mages then why bother specing? You won't get mvp lol 🤦‍♂️

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