Kale/Iji/Blaidd – Questline Guide & How To Complete All 3 Quests In Elden Ring

Kale/Iji/Blaidd – Questline Guide & How To Complete All 3 Quests In Elden Ring
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A Complete Blaid & Iji Questline Guide Walkthrough and how to do all the quests at once. Doing these quests are needed for several secret weapons and armors.

Blaidd’s Quest
Iji’s Quest
Kale Quest

Kale/Iji/Blaidd – Questline Guide & How To Complete All 3 Quests In Elden Ring

Weapons/Armor/Items Found
Royal Greatsword
Blaidd’d Armor
Blaidd’s Gauntlets
Blaidd’s Greaves
Wolf Mask
Iji’s Mirrorhelm
Bloodhound’s Fang (Optional Reward)

Bloodhound Knight Darriwil (Optional)

SELLEN QUEST GUIDE – https://youtu.be/YtOkjxjadpA
RANNI QUEST GUIDE – https://youtu.be/6C-eRgCF8b8
BLAIDD QUEST GUIDE – https://youtu.be/-M5Q3NtQO0U
TANITH/RYA GUIDE – https://youtu.be/Pr7EZ0lDe98

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Kale/Iji/Blaidd – Questline Guide & How To Complete All 3 Quests In Elden Ring

Responses (31)

  1. so is it possible to change to npcs outcome because for me he doesn’t show up as a follower of rani and i cant find him in any spots ive only seen him when i fought radahn

  2. No , if you look on the ground around Iji, there’s bodies of assassins. It looks like he killed them and died from the black flame poison. They are also on the ground around Blaidd

  3. But what if u hit the mage chick ur meant to talk to. Because now she's not there and I can't find out the information 😐

  4. He didn't die of suicide someone sent assassins to end him as well as bland and the magician the only one who survives is Blair the bodies of the assassins are at one side of each characters

  5. Iji was fighting against the knives of the black night. He got killed but he took down 3 of them with him, you can see their corpses laying around Iji's corpse. It wasn't suicide.

  6. Yeah I think you missed a big part of this quest line because I followed the video and he is nowhere to be seen to fight. Could you remake this

  7. I have a problem and need some guidance so I forgot to go see Seluvis after speaking to all three ghosts in Rannis Rise and did not speak to Ranni again before she went down for her long snooze now I went to see Blaidd at Siofra River already did that and he asked me to go talk to Seluvis well it seems there is no way for to access Seluvises Tower since I did not do it before going to Siofra have I Messed up permanently on this quest line for Blaidd or is there something I am missing since I can Not talk to Seluvis cause like I said his tower isn't open to me.?Anybody?

  8. There's not even a story with blaaid… You talk to him, kinda tells you what he's about, you talk to him a couple more times, can summon him, and then he dies, and some other npc tells you what happened in some vague diolague.

    Im sorry, but the quests are trash. Absolutely garbage. Every rpg of the past 10 years has better quests.

    No wonder they don't have a real story and just have a bunch of lore.

  9. after reading some comments… if for some reason youre like me and you never met him in mistwood. then beat radahn. it skips straight to the part where hes trapped in the evergoal. i had to kill the forlorn hound(who i was over leveled for at this point) then reload the area to walk back up and free him.

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