Magic Review – Distance by Nicholas Lawrence & SansMinds [[ Pen Magic ]]

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Responses (4)

  1. 35 bucks for an effect that lasts like 5 seconds and that comes with a gimmick that you have to build yourself?. No thanks.

    David, if you are planning on getting new effects and don't know which one, let me recommend you a few that I didn't expect them to be good, but that blew my mind

    – Separagon by Woody Aragon
    – Cube3 by Steven Brundage
    – Inscrutable by Joe Barry
    – Prism deck by Joshua Jay

    Best regards!

  2. guessing at ehat IT maybe vut is there a jacket needed for the effect. and is this applicable to street/bar magic if set up prior? or does everyday movement comprimise the setup? thanks David keep em coming

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