NFL Fastest Players of 2020 (So Far)

NFL Fastest Players of 2020 (So Far)
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NFL Fastest Players of 2020 (So Far)

0:08 – Raheem Mostert
0:20 – Raheem Mostert
0:32 – Shaquill Griffin
0:44 – D.K. Metcalf
0:55 – Kenyan Drake
1:08 – Michael Davis
1:20 – D.K. Metcalf
1:31 – Derrick Henry
1:46 – D.J. Moore
1:58 – A.J. Brown
2:12 – Devin Duvernay
2:27 – Tyron Johnson
2:39 – Leonard Fournette
2:51 – Isaiah McKenzie
2:59 – L’Jarius Sneed
3:11 – Devin McCourty
3:20 – Tyreek Hill
3:31 – Raheem Mostert
3:44 – Budda Baker
3:59 – Daniel Jones
4:10 – Christian Kirk
4:24 – Michael Gallup

NFL Fastest Players of 2020 (So Far)

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NFL Fastest Players of 2020 (So Far)

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    Raheem Mostert – 0:08

    Raheem Mostert – 0:20

    Shaquill Griffin – 0:32

    D.K. Metcalf – 0:44

    Kenyan Drake – 0:55

    Michael Davis – 1:08

    D.K. Metcalf – 1:20

    Derrick Henry – 1:31

    D.J. Moore – 1:46

    A.J. Brown – 1:58

    Devin Duvernay – 2:12

    Tyron Johnson – 2:27

    Leonard Fournette – 2:39

    Isaiah McKenzie – 2:51

    L'Jarius Sneed – 2:59

    Devin McCourty – 3:11

    Tyreek Hill – 3:20

    Raheem Mostert – 3:31

    Budda Baker – 3:44

    Daniel Jones – 3:59

    Christian Kirk – 4:10

    Michael Gallup – 4:24

    The source I used (it has all the speeds too):

  2. ESPN Sportscenter just puts false info out there without even fact checking on Sunday after the Bills Chiefs game they said Tyreek hill hit 29 mph on a TD pass hahahahahaha the fastes human ever recorded is Usain Bolt and the fastest speed he ever reached was 27 mph in a 100 meter dash or some th there’s no fucking way a football player with a ball and pads on is reaching anywhere near 29 mph devin macourtey is the fastest NFL player of all time at 24 mph and he’s on defense

  3. The fact so many of these are grass destroys that old myth of turf playing faster. Yes, I get it that the fastest speed was at Giants stadium. But so many are at San Fran, Phoenix, and Titans stadium. Even saw Tampa on here.

  4. I am slightly faster than a Zero Turn Lawnmower (7 MPH) I am not that quick lol. I think there's an 10 miles per hour difference between me and the wide receivers

  5. John3:16For God loves the world he sent his son for whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life!!!

  6. The two most impressive players are Derrick Henry and D.K. Metcalf. They are too big to be that fast. It's scary just to think about it.

  7. This time doesnt make any sesnse i just saw richardson sprinting finals and they said her top end speed was 24.1 MPH but she ran a 10.87 while dk is only running a 22-23 but he ran .6 seconda faster than her doesnt make sense i feel like dk's top end speed is probably 25 ish MPH

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