#REDCANIDS Dominate #PSG: #MSI2022 Day 1 Highlights

#REDCANIDS Dominate #PSG: #MSI2022 Day 1 Highlights
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The #REDCANIDS saved the best for the last game of the day as they surprised everyone with a dismantling of #PSG on Day 1 action from #MSI2022

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#REDCANIDS Dominate #PSG: #MSI2022 Day 1 Highlights

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All League of Legends footage courtesy of Riot Games.
Thumbnail photo courtesy of LoL esports Twitter

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#REDCANIDS Dominate #PSG: #MSI2022 Day 1 Highlights

Responses (35)

  1. We are really surprised with this performance of RED Canids. I've known that we could win 1 game against PSG, but not with so much diff. 13-0 is to much. We are going crazy with that.

  2. I mean people need to realize that without RNG the whole competition would be cancelled. Riot is not a charity and losing LPL viewership is like losing half the viewership for this is game. If Riot is not making money from hosting an international event, why would they care to waste money to host an international event and give money to the winner?Riot game employee Annual salary is $130k so no point of upsetting Tencent daddy for the money.

  3. I can't say we are surprised about how badly PSG Talon is playing. They don't have the LMS and LPL players to carry them. Their random Koreans aren't good enough, and not everyone is DoinB, TheShy or Scout lol

  4. I was quite disappointed. I hope a team other than rng wins the tournament. if rng wins it will be a totally pointless tournament.

  5. Honestly just two things come to mind after today:
    1. RNG situation looks super sus, and while I do not think they are cheating if they win it will leave bad taste
    2. Oi Danny lovers, look what happens when people focus him

  6. PSG is still living in patch 12.4 i think? 🤣. I did watch some pcs game their playstyle is basically what LCK use to be in the past farm and farm scale up and we fight at 30mins.

    No cam, no headphone, and no referee on RNG side….fair i guess?

  7. everyone and every team went to Korea on a live stage to perform. And then there's China's LPL.

    Remember when they forced Riot last MSI for them to play first during the semi-finals match even though they're second?

  8. Your audio is always lower than other videos on youtube, might be a quality of life change to increase it a bit 🙂

  9. Can someone explain why RNG has no camera even though they are playing online. LCK make teams forfeit matches since they are strict when it comes to those kind of scenarios. They wanna prevent cheating at all cost. Not hating on RNG, they are the reigning champion, but forcing the rest to play at 35 ms and having no camera while playing is kinda sus.

  10. RNG literally bent the entire tournament to 35 ping, have no headphones, are at home, no face cams and no referee

    definitely no cheating here copium

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