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Cat crop top hoodie

Witch Elf dress

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  1. The dress is my fave! Also I can't believe no one already mentioned this but your hair looks like opal or pearl coloured almost here wtf 😻💎

  2. Honestly I'm not huge on dresses anymore. Skirts I will wear because I can usually counter being overly feminine with some edgy accessories and a band tee or something. Its all in all how you style it, I guess. I spend a lot of time browsing Goth/Punk fashion on Tumblr and Pinterest for inspiration on how to style stuff. Like, I'll save a bunch of photos of outfits that I like which I know I can somewhat replicate with stuff I own or can easily find online. So I guess if you're feeling stuck with wanting to wear dresses but not feel overly feminine if it makes you uncomfortable you could always try that?? – Pro tip: Throw a leather jacket over the top and wear some badass boots and that's an instant fix, I find. 🙂

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