Someone has to beat Roman Reigns eventually, right?: Bryan & Vinny Show

Someone has to beat Roman Reigns eventually, right?: Bryan & Vinny Show
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Bryan and Vinny share their thoughts on the main event of WrestleMania Backlash, then recap the match itself. [May 8, 2022]

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Someone has to beat Roman Reigns eventually, right?: Bryan & Vinny Show

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Someone has to beat Roman Reigns eventually, right?: Bryan & Vinny Show

Responses (28)

  1. No way there can be a better PPV this year than that show. Awesome main event that was a throwback to the classic Shield six men tag PPV matches. Even Corbyn vs the muscle dude was solid. Hell, even Omos vs Lashley was passable considering that guy sucks.

  2. If Roman is working part-time now, there's no reason for him to hold the titles for another 1 year. He needs to drop the title. You can't have Roman holding the title hostage as Brock Lesnar did with it, especially Raw having no world champion, and the talents have no world title to fight over. I don't wanna see him vacate the titles without laying down for anybody. I don't wanna see Cody Rhodes to be a paper champion when he didn't beat the real champ to get it. To be the champ, you gotta beat the champ!

  3. I’ve been saying for months that Roman Reigns is the modern day version of “Reign of Terror” Triple H. Cuts the same promo every week, same matches, constant interferences during said matches, buries pushes, and the entire show revolves around him. Hell, not even Triple H was this overpushed. HHH at least would take the occasional loss (while still protecting him), and suffered setbacks from time to time. Reigns has not had anything close to that since December 2019. The closest thing you get is him getting himself DQ’d, and even then he has to end the segment standing tall. HHH also put people like Benoit and Batista over, elevating them to the main event. Reigns hasn’t done that (not counting The Usos). In fact, the people he beats usually end up worse after the fact, and get stuck in midcard purgatory (Balor, Owens, etc.).

    He’s honestly at the Hogan level.

  4. Roman's run is like the Triple H reign of terror. He always cheats to win and does group beat downs on his opponents and always is made to look super strong. The difference being good promos and never dropping the belt, while Hunter did awful promos but would drop the belt occasionally.

  5. This is actually a general piece of storytelling that seems to go over WWE's head. Villains no matter how cool they are or how over they are have to eventually lose and get comeuppance. Otherwise, you start losing reason for why you should even care. The NWO ran over literally everyone, laughing all the way to PPVs and destroying babyfaces, only Sting and Goldberg coming close but even they were flopped up. By that time, the stories just reeked of depression because we all knew they were gonna out on top anyways.

    And that follows my second point, all things no matter how good they are have to come to an end or at least not be overexposed. If you were forced to eat your favorite food, every single day, you'd get sick of it too. Roman's run has become extremely formulaic: cut an "acknowledge me" promo, feud with a babyface, beat that babyface, rinse repeat. When people bitch about WWE becoming predictable, you can easily point out to the bloodline. You can call the result of his feuds from a mile away.

    Third point is based on the invincible hero and villain. They can worked, but there has to be some sort of conflict or meaningful drama to make things interesting. Triple H lost here and there and even put over Benoit, Batista etc. Okada loses cleanly in non title matches and G1 tournaments, to show that yes, he may be strong but he's not invincible and his opponents are just as credible as he is. Roman at this point, is not allowed to look vulnerable, not allowed to look even weak for a second. He has to be unbeatable and invincible 24/7 and run over everybody. It's like a kid with an action figure who decides that his toy is the strongest, smartest, bestest etc and goes out of his way to make sure his action figures always wins over every other toy. Extremely childish.

    My final point is on this idea that Roman is made invincible to make new stars like maybe Bron Breaker. That is a good point but there's just a few problems with that. Firstly, it's starting to become more of an excuse to make sure Roman keeps being dominant. "Oh he'll put over somebody and it'll be a awesome, just be patient, let it play out."- that phrase has been overused and never pans out. Secondly, they tend to rush people into stardom without them being ready. Right now, Bron beating Roman is akin to Brock losing clean to a random rookie. Thirdly, even if Bron goes over Roman, you gotta ask yourself, who's gonna be left as a credible challenger for Bron, if he beats the guy who destroyed everyone, what chance does anyone have against him? Power scaling is screwed.

  6. Reigns is on an all time big run and hasn't been beaten in 2 and a half years. Why the fuck would you bust that on a throwaway rematch show in a fucking slapped together 6 man when the next big show is still 3 months away?

  7. Other than Cody and it’s far too soon for this to happen, but who realistically at this point can beat Roman kind of booked themselves into a corner

  8. Over saturating Reigns at this point he's not got Okada's charm to just breeze through matches. If they need him to remain the top champ but not unify the belts have him drop one and let Nakamura go on a tear. He's got twice the charm and talent but hasn't had the big one to show it

  9. It’s weird how everyone forgot that Roman lost to King Woods by DQ during the 1st-2nd month of him winning the King of the Ring

  10. I guess I’m in the minority…since there’s no baby faces any time soon that could beat Roman, let him keep it another 400 days. I’m all in on it.

  11. WWE has a big problem of variety for the lead to WM39. Roman is probably still champ at WM39 so why should people watch any of his titles defenses? And who's left? Randy Orton, AJ Styles. They ain't winning. If Roman loses, it's gonna be at WrestleMania or Saudi (maybe Summerslam) but then who beats him? Is it Brock Lesnar? That's underwhelming. Drew McIntyre? It would be cool to see him win in front of a crowd at Mania. Or is it two-face suit wearing "babyface" Cody Rhodes? I hope not. I want Drew but the result of all this strong build-up, this big storyline, the epic conclusion… is probably just Brock beats Roman in Saudi, wins the titles, who cares.

  12. I don't mind roman's build I mean he's been the golden boy since Vince set eyes on him. The only issue that I have is you don't have to make him untouchable by stealing everyone else's spotlight. Build-up challengers, good challengers that they lose in a way that doesn't make them weak. Like when Roman Roman would lose in the past & didn't make him look weak.

  13. Everyone feeling like this Roman push is too much…Remember people…How wwe wanted to push Roman back in 2015…And it failed…The Roman Experiment Failed!….And it took Joe..Roman to say he had leukemia to finally get that big pop…Vince been waiting on this for a long time…So they gonna milk it for all it's worth..despite how contenders are set up or lack there of..

  14. They have no plans to take the title off Roman. They will only take the title off him when he decides he's done with wrestling and follows Rock, Cena, and Big Dave to Hollywood.

  15. Reigns and his drunk cousins have outlived their usefulness. James Ellsworth would have been a huge star with the same push

  16. In in the end, it put asses in seats and Im sure the buy in rate was very impressive too so per usual, the only real winners were the bean counters in accounting! LOL The bait and switch is as old as time itself! Good job WWE sales department, you came through in the clutch again!!

  17. I'm perfectly fine with Roman remaining undefeated until Summerslam as long as he drops the title to someone like Cody, Riddle or even Orton (just because he is so OVER right now). Love Drew's work, but his time to shine tragically coincided with the pandemic no-audience era, and that really hurt his momentum. If it goes beyond Summerslam, or they have The Rock take it off of him at WrestleMania, then keeping him strong for all this time would have meant nothing. The ratings are in the can and they've missed their opportunity on so many other guys having a chance at the title during this long run (a returning Edge, Daniel Bryan, Finn Balor, Kevin when he was picking up steam, again). Not sure anything is really going to light the world on fire and make the WWE's ratings or fandom go up, but I'd really like to see Cody have a run.

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