STEPN: Level 9 vs Level 19 🀯🀯 (Best Strategy For ROI!πŸ€‘)

STEPN: Level 9 vs Level 19 🀯🀯 (Best Strategy For ROI!πŸ€‘)
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STEPN: Level 9 vs Level 19 (Best Strategy For ROI!) Subscribe For More Daily Cryptocurrency Content!! In This Video I …

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STEPN: Level 9 vs Level 19 🀯🀯 (Best Strategy For ROI!πŸ€‘)

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    10 GST cost = 0.584553 SOL

    0.584553 SOL = 29.25 $ on now SOLANA price


    10 GST cost= 0.3409 BNB

    BNB = 101.9 $ on now BNB price

    So u have 2 low pair shoes on SOLANA blockchain

    and 1 good pair of shoe on BNB blockchain

    You get 4 energy to spend for 24H

    And u decide on which Blockchain to spend the 4 Energy

    Of course you gonna spend the 4 energy on the BNB Chain because you get 10 GST and trade it for BNB and sell it for 4 time more $$$$$$

    The daily ENERGY should be for the specific blockchain and not for the STEP User ACCOUNT!

  2. I bought a level 0 runner with 0 mint. I'm trying to level it up upto level 19 before going for ROI then three sneakers. What do u think of my strat? Thank you so much.

  3. How about to fix energy to be only for one block chain. Example i have 2 pear of shoes on solana and 1 pear shoe on bnb chain , i spent 4 energy with the shoe on bnb chain and after trade gst for bnb and sell bnb for more usd. And if i decide to spend the 4 energy on the solana chain and trade gst for solana and sell solana for usd i get 4 time less $$$. Is like chaeting and need to be fix…

  4. Hi thanks for all your work appreciate it. I was wondering what u think to get one more shoe while prices are down so bad? Is it logical for longer term? I'm so confused

  5. Hey guys! I reallt need an answer,ain't there a gst cap on each lvl?like ok,i ve just made it to 9 but i can only make like 50 gst and then do i have to go to lvl 10?if so aren't i making way less?

  6. helloo ❀️ iff i moving 4 time day, 0.5 energy, its not problem ???
    and for this 0.5 strategy, how meny ressilens i need ? 14 or more ?
    i have level 19 one πŸ‘Ÿ tank you ❀️

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  8. The point is, that 2 x level 9 sneakers will mint level 0 new sneakers, level 9 + level 19 will mint new sneakers le vel 0.. so sooner is better, after that you can level up as much as you want..

  9. Great content I was listening to another YouTuber saying that this project will not be there for a longtime however what do you think? And it it stops for a reason or another what happens to the accumulated earnings? And after achieving the 3 sneakers is the earned income all yours excluding-game Boston’s of course

  10. With the current situation of the market no matter your strategy you will not make out your initial investment this quick unless you have 9 sneakers…..

  11. It is awesome how much work you put into your videos. You explain things in great detail and the spreadsheets are the best! I am new to crypto (read a few books, watched a lot of youtube video, and even a few course online) but am struggling. I would love to get into stepn but simply dont have enough money πŸ™ The $100 and $200 a day videos are great but I wish there were videos that showed you how to start with $50-$100 and then showed you how to learn as you go! Also most videos dont seem to show any kinda of actual proof of roi or even sales, etc, so it would be nice to see some after actual numbers!

  12. Here I am at level 9 with 9 sol saved up to get the second shoe. Anyone wanna weigh in if I should stick with that or cash in the sol for gmt/gst to level up?

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