The Setup That Yielded The Biggest Buds Ive Ever Grown and Es300 V3 LED Grow Light Review

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Pack A Bowl of some fresh cannabis and blaze down to this one with me!
ill be installing my new grow tent th and putting up some new lights as well as my old ones, Ill also go over how i decided the exact layout of the setup thats got me the biggest buds to date to help you design your own dialed in grow room. I utilize a 3 stage system having 3 separate chambers for Flower, Veg, And Seedling/clone. ill just be going over the setup of my flowering room in this. stay tuned for the full seed to harvest video in this tent with gelato, runtz muffin, gmo punch, banana krumble, and purple punch strains.

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I get majority of my seeds from
Seedsman Seeds bank,
they have the best deals with freebies on every order and they have awesome breeders on their site from vetted legends to new game changers. they even have some dank strains of their own and a lot of info on growing and getting started on their site, check them out below!

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the Gelato Og from Seedsman

Or Check all their other seeds

i also get seeds from ILGM
If you Love Growing Marijuana check out
ILoveGrowingMarijuana👇 this is where i got the strawberry cough seeds i just started vegging! !
They’re the creators of the Marijuana Grow Bible! i also love their grow diarys on differnt strains where people track the progress of their grow for specific strains. along with great info they also have a great selection of seeds and have been around for as long as i can remember. The Strawberry Cough i am currently growing was from their site and I’m excited to try out more in the future!

Check out most of the other things i use in my garden here on this idea List on Amazon: Organnabis Growing by Thestupidamerican

Any seeds you grab from the sites mentioned help support this channel! thanks!

There are many great premade mixes out there but i like to know exactly what is in my soil so i create my Compost in small scale hand crafted batches with majority of ingredients from @downtoearthfertilizers using @foxfarmsoilandfertilizer happy frog as a base with a few added nutrients and periodic compost teas.
Down To Earth is a great company based in Oregon you can check their site to find a local supplier near you and support a small business ( its also much cheaper that way than shipping to your house)

My New Veg Light was provided by Bloom Plus,
Their New LED Lights are extremely efficient at 2.7 umol/j and super powerful for the price.
check them out here
or on my amazon organnabis grow list above

Dont slack with a cheap Led you may have noticed my clone and vearly seedlings setup under a cheap led because clones and early seedlinngs really dont require much energy to get going at a rapid pace and dont require much more until they’re big enough to use it, i wouldnt recommend using one if these Blurple lights once you get into veg and especially not in flower, theyre falsey advertised and dont pack the punch later buds require.
if you really want to create something special the quality of your lights is important after all we are trying to replicate something as complex as the sun. their are a dozen or so decent brands now on the market and i ended up going with
2 electric sky 300 v2’s s

unfortunately not sponsored by them but i wish i was because i would love a few more lights from them after seeing them in use. definitely an upgrade from even the 1000 watt i had running last year.

music by Heydium

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