The Uberduck Meme Sequel (100 Subscriber Special!)

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After a vast number of weeks, The Sequel to the acclaimed “ Makes Memes out of Characters” is finally here!

That’s right, it’s another video that makes memes out of iconic characters. Except now it’s twice as funny, has twice as many memes and twice the length of the first video!

I also included new characters to make this a much more ambitious crossover than Infinity War and Smash Ultimate! Some of which include ones from series people requested like Ratchet and Clank and OK KO! Some characters will even say/sing things with the power of reference audio and pitch correction!

This video will also answer any burning questions from its predecessor like:
Will Scout ever defeat Spy?
Is Anime a Mistake?
And what happened to Homer since Disney purchased The Simpsons?

Of course, here’s the link to if you want to try this excellent program for yourself. You’ll need a Google or Discord Account, though!

All Ai Voices are made by their respected creators.

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Responses (35)

  1. What new or existing characters would you like to see in the next Uberduck video.
    Just comment the character and a what you want them to say (before October 31st)
    Note: I may not be able to use all existing characters.

  2. Request for the 3rd one
    (Scene 1)
    Minerva: Oh no you beat me in a pokemon battle? But i don't have any money.. Perhaps there is something else you want?
    Yakko: You
    Minerva: <:)

    (Scene 2)
    Omni Man: Think Mark! How can he be called Dababy if he is a grown man?

    (Scene 3)
    Joker (Arkham Asylum): (the line from the movie "Joker")

  3. If you ever make another one, check out the other voices i made!

    Neil Cicierega
    Mittens (my own self)
    Viridi (singing/talk voice)
    Avicii (singing voice)

  4. Nice video, here's an inspirational phrase for today:
    "Don't kill the part of you that is cringe, kill the part of you that cringes"
    – Somebody smart like Confucius or Socrates probably

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