The worst build to a Survivor Series ever?: Wrestling Observer Radio

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Dave and Bryan discuss the build to this year’s Survivor Series, which has been dismal to say the least. [November 16, 2021]

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Responses (42)

  1. As far as I know, they don't have any huge matches planned for Mania. We keep getting reports there are no Rock plans, why would people spend a fortune on Mania tix? To see who? I would assume the Horsewomen will be involved in some way, there's really no choice there, nobody else is built up enough. Roman vs Drew wouldn't be bad, I just don't know that it would be enough. And who does that leave for Big E? Goldberg? I suppose some people including E would be excited for that but… not me.

  2. Has anyone seen the "real" Rhea Ripley lately? She's been one of the most IRRELEVANT title holders in recent memory. They're doing a HORRIBLE JOB with practically all the NXT'ers they haven't released.

  3. I think that this is the worst year for WWE yet when it comes to there product , the huge problem WWE has right now they have no top Babyface, you have a top heel which is Reigns but no top Babyface, I feel like Keith Lee could of been that guy but Vince doesn’t like fat people so that didn’t happen, hopefully Big E can be that guy among a couple of other WWE superstars, back then you had Hogan , Austin , The Rock and Even Cena now there is nobody.

  4. The same booking patterns for the past 20 years or more. Unless you are fan of particular guys and or girls there isn't much reason keep up each week. Your better off spending $5 a month for Peacock and just watch the PPVs like I do. Watching the PPVs, I never come out of it thinking that I need to start watching Raw or Smackdown. Even if the Show turns out to be really good and most of the PPVs since the network launched in 2014 have been really good honestly in terms of match quality. Just as WWE is about the brand as a whole being the draw and not one particular superstar. It's the a same way for the Big 4 PPVs, Survivor Series is the attraction. How much different is this year's build from any other build to Survivor Series since 2002. The one that had the NXT invasion was the best build to the Series since 2001. That PPV was really good too. I thought Keith Lee and Adam Cole were going to be instantly on the Main roster afterwards. They were back on NXT, Lee got a great Reaction at the RR then didn't get called up till 9 months later.

  5. When one of your bosses will regularly rip up plans and book on the fly with his unpredictably wierd and out-of-touch tastes, and then your other boss is clearly posturing the company to be bought out and only cares about financials… you can see pretty clearly why WWE creative just stopped trying at this point.

  6. Even with build, I honestly can't think of any intriguing Survivor Series matches beyond 2016's (I think it was?) Goldberg and Lesnar. Five years ago. That's sad. But at the end of the day, it's not like they are selling PPVs. It's on the Network, they have their subs, so WWE probably could care less who watches. They have your money, which is more important then your viewership.

  7. I think the more important question is who gives a shit? This is wwe the land of zero effort. They don't care about their product so why the hell should I? They're must miss television and believe me when I type I always miss their programming.

  8. Dave is great. He just has this way of… uhhh, you know, he just… he really… how do I put this? He just describes things in a way that… uhhh… you know… I just find that he has this way, you know? And he just… uhhhh… what I'm getting at is Dave's great.
    Just having fun. I do love Dave.

  9. Two main issues with how WWE does, well, anything:

    1. What exactly is Adam pierce's motivation for anything? Am I supposed to know or understand why he's a heel now and why he's focusing on raw? Guess not!
    2. Shotgunning Austin theory is exactly why no one gives a shit about this year's SS. No build, no reason to care. Just the heel "GM" saying he likes his style, you're in!

    Raw is garbage.

  10. I've said this elsewhere, but the fact the WWE no longer reply on traditional PPV buys has made the creative team lazy, there are guaranteed subs via Peacock and the Network.

  11. You can't build to a big show if you do it exactly the same way every year. Hell in a Cell means whomever is feuding at the top of the card will have a cell match, TLC means multiple gimmick matches, Survivor Series is where they pretend that we care if someone from Raw is wrestling someone from SmackDown, even though they killed the idea of interpromotional matches in 2001.

  12. Which match on this show really screams "This is must see. This is going to play a major part in the program"? Raw v.s. Smackdown doesn't matter cause its treated like a one off match. Either get rid of Survivor Series and put something else in its place, or change the format of this PPV.

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