Theshen Naicker aka "Aunty Sheila"

Theshen Naicker aka "Aunty Sheila"
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We love our moms – but when it comes to being fun to be with, our aunts somehow seem to have an edge. Aunty Sheila is gaining fame and notoriety for her outspoken and very funny take on life – but it’s a bit difficult to pin her down for an interview – so we contacted her favourite nephew, Theshen Naicker…

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Theshen Naicker aka "Aunty Sheila"

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  1. Wow theshen I love your singing and you're very talented I am from umkomaas stayed in hull valley schooled with your father Jeeva and also played lovely music together lol also used to give your father hair cut haven't seen him in ages wishing you well in your acting. Singing and comidy

  2. Well done Theshen. Brilliant comedian. Wonderful, humble human being. Bless you ♥ ♥ ♥ lots of love ❤ 😘 ❤.

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