They Are Suffering Anyway So Its Good To Kill Them?

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Navigating a nice man through his moral inconsistencies…

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  1. So many Vegan Activists Youtubers live all over the world? It seems like many of them are from the UK. Are they from all over the world? And they just sometimes meet up?!?

  2. Guys you should have compassion for your fellow people. You can’t force anyone to stop anything even if it’s an evil. You just making non vegetarian people to feel guilty for what are they eating. You first understand from where they and their eating habits are coming. Everyone is a victim of conditionings. Have some compassion for people around you because no one is evil we all are conditioned. Vegans are no better than non vegetarians because in their personal life they will be doing other bad things. Just not eating meat doesn’t make you more loving and conscious person.
    Secondly, just stopping eating meat is not a total solution. You should have a plan to preserve all non wild animals first. Because if they have no value then no one ever will keep them. Can you keep a pig, cow sheep in your house? Who is going to keep all these animals when they are of no use? Are vegan people ready to take responsibility of these abandoned animals after everyone stop using them?
    We need to go ever deeper and find a practical solution. We should be treating animals well . Like We Should be milking cow after her calf is done drinking milk etc.
    Btw I myself is a vegetarian just saying if in case you think I am a meat eater . Solution will come out of love not from a hateful place

  3. In addition to the countless unavoidable deaths of small animals due to mowing, tillage and pest management, organic farming relies heavily on animal manure for fertility. Animal manures that come primarily from confined animals, raised for meat or eggs.

    Conventional farming relies heavily on highly soluble synthetic nitrogen, which leaches into waterways and causes hypereutrophication, destroying aquatic habitats and killing countless marine animals.

    Some small permaculture or other well-established rotational production systems may be able to get by without any external nitrogen input, but these are few and far between and likely experience reduced yields. On a production scale, even these farms must eventually rely on mined rock minerals for phosphorus, potash and other micronutrients–the mining of which destroys habitats and kills or displaces countless animals.

  4. Hey Joey (and anyone else that wants to reply), i hope you're doing well but i have a question. I am vegan, and i have watched many of the debate videos from you and Earthling Ed, but my question is that what would be your response to someone that says, "What about food for pets that are carnivores? If all slaughterhouses close down then what will be left for them/how will they get food?" Im just curious…hopefully you could explain it to me? (or anyone else who reads this, please feel free!) Thanks!

  5. What vegans don't know is that plants are beings and sentient as well… The argument that eating meat causes suffering to animals can be applied to plants too. Vegans are dogmatic speciests and plant assassins that have no sympathy for the plant world. It shows how out of touch they are with nature. :))

  6. Very uplifiting. He might have been the best person ever to have been interviewed, so nice and no bullshit, or at least the bullshit was incredibly tolerable.

  7. Joey CARBSTRONG you are truly an inspiration and thanks to you WE are all making an impact
    It's a revolution that I'm so happy to be a part of
    I've learned so much from you… from the deepest part of my heart Merry Christmas
    hope to meet you soon one day 🙂
    Much love from San Diego, CA <3

  8. What the phuc is up with all these carnists sooooo concerned with the welfare of plants?

    Their guilt runs so deep that if they can convince themselves that vegans are actually causing the same incomprehensible slaughter, torture and harm to vegetables, then they themselves aren't so bad after all….

  9. I love it when people bring up the "plants feel pain" argument like that somehow makes killing animals okay to do. It seems like they'd be embarrassed to even say it since it's so ridiculous.

  10. I live in London, I'm 16 and turned vegan in September, as i constantly would listen to your debates and found myself agreeing to every point so I made to decision to go vegan, I'd really like to hear one of your debates live, as you're a real inspiration. However right now I'm in America on holiday 😩. I hope I'll get to see you once day.

  11. Dude, it's a fine line between advocating and hectoring. Not sure if the frustration of repetition is starting to take its toll on you but be careful that in your effort to win the debate you don't lose the argument.

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