We Took Zeth Fishing

We Took Zeth Fishing
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Today we took Zeth out fishing on the jon boat and favorite local bank fishing spots in Dallas Texas while he was in town from California, specifically for a fishing trip to catch a new PB largemouth bass and they started at the legendary Lake Fork as well as going to Gary Yamamoto’s Ranch before heading out on the jon boat with us for their final day and we MADE IT HAPPEN!! This was an insane day of bass fishing, enjoy the footage!!!

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Channel: @Zeth & Saylor

We Took Zeth Fishing

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We Took Zeth Fishing

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  1. man what a feeling! Nothing compares in my opinion, I caught my first Red couple months ago & still feel good about it!!! haha love the sound of "grab the net grab the net" you know you got a good one! Came to watch bc of Zeth but definitely subscribing! Awesome video

  2. Great content! We'll start sending your channel to our clients who recently bought land from us near the lakes. This will surely give them motivation to try new activity like fishing. Thanks for sharing! 👍

  3. Congrats to Zeth on catching his PB, and just for Westin's ego, I didn't know who Zeth was and was tuning in to see Westin catch some whoppers.😁

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