Welcoming new players to Tarkov – Escape From Tarkov

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  1. I bought tarkov a while ago, played bots for like a day, looked up guides. Thought i was ready, went into customs on a scav, got domed within literal 15 seconds. Never touched it again, i just installed again yesterday. That gave me PTSD, ive always prided myself in hardcore survival games but tarkov hit different. I still dont know if i can do it or if its worth it :(. Ive been watching Axel for a while now and it makes me want to play i just dont know if i have what it takes to play this game

  2. I love the hideout precisely because i don’t have time to play all the time plus I’m not that good, so with crafting, I’m always guaranteed a decent amount of roubles in order to run a raid every time I get on and sell my crafts. Especially because i lose money most raids.

  3. I'm confused. How do someone press dislike on something like this? I even think it was before the vid had been out for 10mins too.
    Anyways, great vid as always Axel. It's hard to be a rookie when Axel is awake and on the servers 🤣

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