What are The Safest Places to Live when WW3 Starts ?

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You are probably aware of the tale of the Canadian family that wanted to move to the safest place in the world, a place free of all military threats. They did extensive research and then moved to the Falkland Islands around 1981 because they knew it was a super safe, isolated place, far from strife and conflict. United Press International reported that Canadians “Bill and Barbara Curtis and their two children left Mission, British Columbia, in September to seek a quiet life, In the Falkland Islands. That didn’t turn out to be a wise move at the time because shortly after, on April 11, 1982, the Falkland War began. The Curtis family, have received quite a bit of unwanted publicity about the irony of their chosen destination. I have learned that there are quite a few other tales of people moving to the wrong places at the wrong times: Guadalcanal in the Solomon islands, just before World War Two being one that jumps to mind for some reason. The point is, the safest place for any human is fundamentally unpredictable, as peace on earth can never be guaranteed. Welcome to The Atlantis Report. We human beings generally feel safe in our own house, in our own country with our own people and our own surroundings. But that is not the way we are supposed to live our life. The world his huge, and it poses numerous challenges and opportunities to excel in our life. Facing these challenges and winning is the best way to live our life. If you can find a country where the police don’t feel they need to draw their guns every time they approach a parked car, then that’s an indication of how safe that place is. If you don’t need more than one lock on your front door, then that’s a sign of a safe place. If people are friendly, helpful, and neighborly, then you’ve found a safe place. If you can go into a government agency and get help without bribery, then you are in a safe place. If you are in a country that isn’t prone to having natural disasters, or if it does, there are sufficient support services to help you get over them, then you have found a safe place. If you are not afraid to travel on public transport or walk the local streets after dark, then you have found a safe place. If you have clean water and sanitation services, and adequate medical services, if you do get sick, then you are safe. It depends on what you need to be content and where you are in life. As we see in the news, there is no place on the planet where we are not subject to natural disasters or lunatics with guns and bombs. Quoting from the french philosopher, Sartre, hell is other people. For me, that would mean a quiet village in the mountains anywhere where we would still have wi fi and not far from a mid-size city — a place to live in peace, to read, to create. But in the case of global conflict or world war 3, The safest places where to hide would probably be remote islands with no border or maritime disputes; low crime rates; relative stable economy; lack of internal; racial or political conflicts and not many fatal natural hazards: Some examples I would give are.

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Responses (45)

  1. World War 3 WILL be fought with nukes. In the form of EMP attacks. So the third part of your video makes absolutely NO sense.

    The first half or so of your video makes perfect sense, with good intel to boot.

  2. The trouble with Australia it is one big prison with beaches and posionious critters, everything lockdown in Australia

  3. NZ is ideal, small & hard to run anywhere –we have plenty of food. Our airforce well we got rid of our jets as a waste of gas. Our navy just checks fishing boats & our army [what army] are no threat to anyone. China buys a lot of our food & raw materials & criminals can't run anywhere so easy to control & boat people find it too far to row to…….

  4. There are secret -places that radiation could never touch if there is an all out nuclear war. These places are well kept secrets. Here is a hint..It is NOT Chicago or any part of Illinois

  5. Australia sucks, they are very quickly becoming a Darwinian, police state with no rights what so ever! Freedom is more important than safety.

  6. I've read the article a few months ago that rich elites are building up big bunkers and hidden houses in rural areas of New Zealand for emergency. Except natural disaster and WW3 with China, I believe Japan I'm living in is one of the safest countries. I used to live California for 5 years when I was student about 20 years ago. At that time, I think California was one of the best place to live, and now….I don't.

  7. Best yet, accept the salvation of Jesus and he will Rapture his church before Revelation 6 There will be NO place on earth to hide from the 4 horsemen. Then there’s the Great tribulation that follows them in the last 3.5 yrs

  8. God works with the number 3…I believe WW3 will usher in the return of Christ. the whole world will be restored as God had intended in the first place.

  9. lol is this a joke? Australia is highly reliant on global supply chains, if there’s a war on Asia Australia is economically is screwed. Natural resources don’t mean squat when your economic system is not resilient to global shocks. I would argue it’s one of the least robust economies on the planet. So this is just propaganda, I would not trust that moron PM in power now. He’s an idiot

  10. Any country that is part of NATO or Five eyes is BAD decision if you want to stay out of potential ww3 (this goes esp for australia, which already has quite few disputes with china). goes the same for China, Russia or any other "eastern bloc" oriented country. set aside that there isnt many countries that would be left alone in case of full blown ww3. and if that happens, and nukes starts to fly… well, Kiss your ass goodbye.

  11. Australia? NZ? Safe? LOL. Tell that to the people in the internment camps, and the people who are not even allowed to drive to work without a forced procedure. These are prison colonies now. Care to rethink?

  12. Indonesia has thousands of small islands located on the Indian Ocean.
    People there are mostly Muslim and peaceful and those islands are practically paradise very beautiful.
    I would move there and leave the US and other western countries, unfortunately the west has lost the plot entirely and went full koko.
    It's ultimate demise is a matter of time.
    Hopefully when China and it's gang win I hope that they suffer huge loses that makes them vulnerable after the war.

  13. I wouldn’t live in Australia if you paid me. They are clearly losing their liberty quickly and their govt is becoming a complete dictatorship.

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