What is happening in this World: Lightning strikes a volcano and other events

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Overview of weather and natural events in the World.
What is happening in this world: natural disasters on the planet of Earth.
The latest news about weather events and disasters. The climate is changing rapidly, which inevitably leads to global warming.

0:08 – The eruption of the Fuego volcano began in the central part of Guatemala. It is reported that the ash cloud ejected by the volcano has reached six kilometers and is increasing, the lava flow has overcome from two to four kilometers. Authorities have urged residents in areas near Fuego to take precautions and be prepared to evacuate if necessary. Shortly before the start of the eruption, local residents filmed lightning striking the volcano.
Recall that the Fuego volcano with a height of about 3.7 km is one of the most active in Central America.
1:42 – The first snowfall this season in the United States was in Alaska. Snow in the Anchorage area has led to school closures, slippery roads and power outages.
3:15 – Just for fun.

The channel presents such weather events and natural disasters as:

1. Water: rain, hail, snowfall, flood, mudflow, tsunami, high tide, heavy rainfall, snow, huge waves, river flooding, dam overflow, ice flood, snowfall.
2. Fire: fire, forest fire, volcanic lava, lightning.
3. Earth: earthquake, landslide, rockfall, sinkhole.
4. Air: tornado, hurricane, wind, cyclone, storm, typhoon, sandstorm, tropical storm.
5. Space: lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, planetary parade, asteroid, comet, planet, satellite, meteorite, UFO, fireball in the sky, space debris, full moon, ISS, space exploration, Space X, NASA.
6. Nature: animals, insects, plants, climatic zones, natural events and phenomena.

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