Will He Turn Around? I Had A Surprise For Him! – Sea of Thieves

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Found a scurvy crew tucking on a Fort of Fortune… so I decided to swim out to them.

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Responses (21)

  1. This is such a great moment! The hilariously aimed yet perfectly executed fall, the utterly silent placement of the keg, the complete unawareness from our two heroes until their final moments. It all comes together like an orchestra! 😂🎻

  2. "turn around" and imagining the song on the back of my head "turn around, bright eyes, total eclipse of the heart" while the boom goes hard, it's priceless 😂😂 help me im dying over here 😏 (need to be on your streams broskissimo)

  3. I dunno, i mean if players are not into pvp and just hanging, it seems just toxic to do that. a good fight is one thing this just seems pointless, they did not even have any loot.

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